My YALC Experience


So, last weekend was the weekend of the Young Adult Literature Convention, or YALC for short. I personally went on the Saturday and the Sunday, so was in the full throng of international YA lovers. there was so much to do at the event that I had a frantically scribbled checklist of things to do at YALC. I was amazed to see that publishers were selling off their books for £5 each! Then, towards the end of Sunday, 3 for £10! I legitimately thought that I was hallucinating, I couldn’t believe my eyes!

One of the attractions at the event was the talks with well known YA authors. my favourite was the Shadowhunters talk between Cassandra Clare (author of the Mortal Instruments) and her friend Sarah Rees Brennan. I was particularly interested in this talk, because of my complete and utter obsession with the Shadowhunters world and books. I actually got my copy of City Of Heavenly Fire signed and Cassandra high fived me! I was honoured! The other talks were brilliant too, especially  the Bringing Sexy Back talk, hosted by ‘Queen of Teen’ James Dawson and the amazing Non Pratt amongst others. This talk was incredibly funny, informative and highly enjoyable.

Another attraction at YALC and the reason I am typing this today is because of the workshops, particularly the Blogging for Beginners workshop. In this workshop we found out how to make it in the world of blogging and how to connect with other bloggers. I found this highly useful and it gave me that extra little push to do some blogging for myself. It was especially useful that I was able to gain advice from award winning bloggers, such as Michelle Toy from TalesOfYesterday, amongst others. I would like to thank everyone who took part in organising that workshop, because it was a great experience and provided a well if knowledge in the subject off book blogging. Also useful was the sample reviews and reviewing template given out to people. These were written by Michelle Toy herself, so they had to be good right? Well yes they were and I am incredibly grateful of the much needed help that she inadvertently gave me. Thank you!!



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