Review of ‘Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls’ by Lynn Weingarten


‘Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls’ by Lynn Weingarten is a dark and twisted thriller. June and Delia were best friends, until an event tore them apart. Almost a year later, the news comes that Delia has burned to death in her stepfather’s shed. Even though June and Delia no longer speak, the news hits June hard. Delia’s death takes June on a dark path of heartbreak, betrayal, crime and secrets.

This book messes with your mind guys. It messed me up to the point that I was almost confused, but not quite, thankfully. Lynn Weingarten has a really interesting writing style. And when I say interesting, I mean interesting. The book starts with June’s first person accounts and then alternate with flashbacks that are written in the third person. Then, towards the end of the book there is a dual recount of the story. Now this may sound really confusing,mans it kind of is, but in the long run it flows really well.

I think that over all I had mixed emotions about this book, because at the beginning it moved really, really, really slowly. I was genuinely debating whether or not to continue reading during the first hundred or so pages. It was not just that it developed slowly, but it was really too full on and emotionally exhausting. I thought I had figured a lot of things out during the book and I was basically wrong about every single one of them. I suppose that you could say that this was a positive thing but I like my books to be at leat a teensy bit predictable. Just my opinion guys, don’t shoot me! Also, there is a lot of kissing and I feel like it is a bit over the top. It got to the point when it became impersonal and animalistic.

The above paragraph is the only paragraph that will contain negative comments, because I genuinely liked this book a lot. At the end of the book, there are a lot of unanswered questions, which I would usually say was a negative thing, but I really liked the ambiguity of it. The character development in this book, although intense, was some of the best that I have ever read in YA Fiction. My favourite character in this book is Delia, because as I said in my review of Remix, I love a wild character. And Delia is exactly that and more. I can’t begin to tell you how much she made me laugh and how much she made me cry, frown and… Aargh! Just a whirlwind of emotion and feels for this character.

‘Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls’ by Lynn Weingarten receives 4/5 stars.

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