October 2015 Wrap Up and November 2015 TBR

Books I’ve Read This October:

  1. Once Upon A Zombie, Billy Phillips
  2. Twilight, Stephenie Meyer
  3. Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige
  4. Sleepless, Lou Morgan
  5. Frozen Charlotte, Alex Bell
  6. Armada, Ernest Cline

dorothymust die sleeplessonceuponthezombiearmadafrozencharlotte twilight

TBR For November:

  1. Opal, Jennifer L Armentrout
  2. Pure, Jennifer L Armentrout
  3. The Infinite Sea, Rick Yancey
  4. Poison Study, Maria V Snyder
  5. New Moon, Stephenie Meyer
  6. Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Maggie Stiefvater

pure opalinfinite seapoison studynewmoon bluelilylilyblue

❤ DW

Expect reviews for Sleepless, Frozen Charlotte, Armada and Once Upon a Zombie. Also, a cover review and analysis for Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.

Review of ‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

ready player one

Title: Ready Player One

Author: Ernest Cline

Publisher: Arrow

Publication Date: 5 April, 2012

Pages: 384

Blurb via Amazon:

It’s the year 2044, and the real world has become an ugly place. We’re out of oil. We’ve wrecked the climate. Famine, poverty, and disease are widespread.

Like most of humanity, Wade Watts escapes this depressing reality by spending his waking hours jacked into the OASIS, a sprawling virtual utopia where you can be anything you want to be, where you can live and play and fall in love on any of ten thousand planets. And like most of humanity, Wade is obsessed by the ultimate lottery ticket that lies concealed within this alternate reality: OASIS founder James Halliday, who dies with no heir, has promised that control of the OASIS – and his massive fortune – will go to the person who can solve the riddles he has left scattered throughout his creation.

For years, millions have struggled fruitlessly to attain this prize, knowing only that the riddles are based in the culture of the late twentieth century. And then Wade stumbles onto the key to the first puzzle.

Suddenly, he finds himself pitted against thousands of competitors in a desperate race to claim the ultimate prize, a chase that soon takes on terrifying real-world dimensions – and that will leave both Wade and his world profoundly changed.

 I really loved this book. I loved it so much that I can barely even put it into words… I myself am a lover of video games, but am also one of those people who has no proper education about their creation and the originals. In all honesty, I have never played a game on an arcade machine… So, reading this book was not only amazingly entertaining and gripping, but rather educational about pop culture in the 1980s.

I loved the themes in the book of identity and people ashamed of being who they are. I feel that this aspect added emotional depth to this adventure. I picked this up and at first could not see myself enjoying it as much as I did.

Can we just appreciate how masterful Cline’s writing. He crams in world building for not one complicated world, but two. And I barely even noticed because the narrative was so damn interesting. And then I see reviews online saying that there were no twists in the book. Excuse me, were we reading the same book? Anyway, before I rant, I must let you all know that I experienced my first reading slump as an after effect of this book; a reading slump that only Twilight could save me from…

My reading process in gifs:




excuse me

happy crying

million emotions



5/5 STARS!

❤ DW

September 2015 Wrap Up and October 2015

Books I’ve Read This September:

  1. Half Blood, Jennifer L Armentrout
  2. Daimon, Jennifer L Armentrout
  3. Talon, Julie Kagawa
  4. Witch Hunter, Virginia Boecker
  5. Scarlet, Marissa Meyer
  6. Heir of Fire, Sarah J Maas
  7. Queen of Shadows, Sarah J Maas
  8. Ink and Bone, Rachel Caine
  9. Ready Player One, Ernest Cline

scarletimagequeenofshadowswitchhunterdaimonhalfbloodtalonready player oneinkandbone

TBR For October:

  1. Once Upon A Time, Billy Phillips
  2. Armada, Ernest Cline
  3. Opal, Jennifer L Armentrout
  4. Pure, Jennifer L Armentrout
  5. Sleepless, Lou Morgan
  6. Dorothy Must Die, Danielle Paige

onceuponthezombiearmadaopalsleeplessdorothymust diepure

❤ DW

Hi, It’s Me, An Awful Person…

Yes, hello, it really is me. That awful, terrible person who is me has returned. Some of you will be asking “Why is he saying he is awful?” and the rest of you already know. he terrible thing I have done is… post once a week twice in a row. I am so sorry guys, but as I explained before, my posts will be sporadic, because school is draining the energy from my soul. This means that when I get home I have to do homework, the I have no motivation to post. This is why I am awful; because I’m not posting because I can’t, it’s because I’m just not in the mood. I am so lazy! So, like I said maybe a couple of times, I’m an awful person.

So here is what I need to post in the next week or two:

  • September wrap up
  • Ink and Bone review
  • Ready Player One review
  • Scarlet review

If you don’t see all these posts, feel free to send me abuse.

❤ DW