‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare: Cover Review

lady midnight

Cassandra Clare recently revealed the official cover for her upcoming and highly anticipated novel, ‘Lady Midnight’, a continuation of ‘The Shadowhunter Chronicles’. If you read my blog, you will know that Cassandra Clare is my favourite fantasy author (it was favourite, period, but then Rainbow Rowell happened so…).

So, there are five main components that I am noticing: water, spires, blonde girl, sword and snakes(?).

Water: I don’t know what this represents or if it meant to be for some dramatic effect.

Spires: I don’t recognise them and I can’t really see them, but are they some building in Los Angeles (where the book is set).

Blonde Girl: Emma Carstairs is blonde. I’m pretty sure it is her.

Sword: Emma’s sword is called Cortana. I’m pretty sure that this is her sword.

Snakes: I don’t even if those are snakes, but I’m gonna role with it. I cannot see any connection, apart from the fact that the Seelie Queen is involved in the book and I can totally picture her lying around with snakes and looking malicious.

So that’s all the analysis I feel I can make on the cover, but it is really pretty and appealing. I am now super hyped for the book’s release on March 8th next year.

❤ DW

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