Hi, It’s Me, An Awful Person…

Yes, hello, it really is me. That awful, terrible person who is me has returned. Some of you will be asking “Why is he saying he is awful?” and the rest of you already know. he terrible thing I have done is… post once a week twice in a row. I am so sorry guys, but as I explained before, my posts will be sporadic, because school is draining the energy from my soul. This means that when I get home I have to do homework, the I have no motivation to post. This is why I am awful; because I’m not posting because I can’t, it’s because I’m just not in the mood. I am so lazy! So, like I said maybe a couple of times, I’m an awful person.

So here is what I need to post in the next week or two:

  • September wrap up
  • Ink and Bone review
  • Ready Player One review
  • Scarlet review

If you don’t see all these posts, feel free to send me abuse.

❤ DW

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