‘All Of The Above’ by James Dawson | Fresh Friday #3


Fresh Friday is a weekly meme in which I review or discuss an upcoming release, new release or book published in the last six months. Please feel free to do this meme on your own blog, it would be nice to see it get around. Obviously, it’s not compulsory or anything.


All of the Above is being released on the 3rd September 2015, so very soon! This is going to be a short post on how excited I am for this release and exactly why this is so. I saw James Dawson in both his talks at YALC in his beautiful Daenerys cosplay. Until this event, I actually hadn’t heard about this book. But I was So hyped, because it is fully CONTEMPORARY. I don’t know if any of you know, but James Dawson writes horror novels. Yes, they all have some kind of contemporary feature in them, but they are horror books. They are really good horror books as well. SO READ THEM!

Sorry this is such a short post, but it was necessary…

❤ DW

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