Review of ‘Created’ by Peiri Ann


Title: Created

Author: Peiri Ann

Published: July 24, 2015

Publisher: Patchwork Press – Cooperative

Genre: YA, Dystopian

Pages: 225 (on PDF via NetGalley)

Blurb via NetGalley:

After a devastating universal war, our government has manufactured genetically altered humans. These ‘creations’ are designed to manage and enforce law and order among the citizens. Creations don’t know fear or pain. Their sole function is to fight the enemy and live to battle again.

Orphans Kylie Alexander and her twin brother, Lukahn were born for this purpose. Dedicating their lives to sharpening their deadly skills and forfeiting the chance of love and freedom. They ready themselves for Separation, the deadly rite of passage where they are drafted into the final preparation for war.

When Kylie and Luke are shipped off to separation three months early, questions arise. Who is the real enemy? What is really happening beyond the fractured sanctuary of the training compound?

Humans and creations alike have become lethal foes when a plague of the living dead becomes the number one hazard. Strategies change as the twins discover they may not be the saviours of humankind after all.
They may be the real enemy of the people.

So, I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. My first impressions of this book were quite good. It really threw you into the action. I definitely thought that the action scenes in this book were a strength, but there was a point when it became senseless violence. The violence, at times, was totally unnecessary for the plot and did actually take away from the story.

I also thought that the world building in this book was really thrown together and served to the reader in one solid lump. I will admit that I did overall enjoy this book,  because it was good, but there were many negatives that I picked up. The characters were very steely and even the main protagonist had very little  personal opinion on anything. I don’t know if Peiri Ann was doing this on purpose, but didn’t like the effect.

The concept of the story was incredibly intriguing to me. I often find the plots of dystopian novels to be very original and they almost always grab my attention with the blurb. I was reading the description and I was like “Yeah, robots!” I like robots. It wasn’t like it hadn’t been done before was it? But then I saw that the robots were being trained to fight and kill the living dead. Robots, zombies and throw in a hint of conspiracy and I am sold. But based on the description, the book disappointed, in that it didn’t live up to my expectations. I think that some people would enjoy this, like I did, but I struggle to see it becoming a bestseller. Brutal? Maybe. But that is my honest opinion.

None the less, I generally liked the book, so I am awarding it a 3 out of 5 stars. Okay!

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