‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare (Fresh Friday #1)


lady midnight

Title: Lady Midnight

Author: Cassandra Clare

Published: March 8th, 2016

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Romance

Pages: 768

Levels Of Excitement: My excitement gauge broke, because I am so damn excited!!

Disclaimer: This post may contain spoilers for The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Read on at your own peril! 🙂

 Featured in this post:

  • My Reaction To The Mortal Instruments
  • My Plans For The Infernal Devices & Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy
  • Meeting Cassandra Clare At YALC 2015
  • My Lady Midnight Expectations
  • The Other Books In The Dark Artifices Series


My Reaction To The Mortal Instruments Series:

  • City of Bones : “Yes, I have found something good.”
  • City of Ashes : “Oh my! I’m in love with this series!”
  • City of Glass : “This is the best book I’ve ever read!”
  • City of Fallen Angels : “This is just a filler book to me…”
  • City of Lost Souls : “I REALLY hate Sebastian. Like, a lot!”
  • City of Heavenly Fire: “NOOOOO! IT CAN’T BE OVER!” *discovers Dark Artifices is coming out in 2016*. “Okay, I’m down with that. Man, I’m glad that book was almost seven hundred pages long…”

My Plans For The Infernal Devices & Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy:

I am about to start the Tales From The Shadow Hunter Academy novellas. I am excited! In the case of the Infernal Devices, I actually already read Clockwork Angel, because you kind of had to, to read CoHF. So I am going to re-read Clockwork Angel and finish the rest of the series. Reviews to come!!

Meeting Cassandra Clare At YALC 2015:

So, the first talk I went to at YALC 2015 was the Shadowhunters talk with Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan on the Saturday. I sat down and everyone had these green tickets. Some lady saw my pained, confused expression and said, “Those tickets are for the signing…” Obviously I was like running around and eventually found the tickets. I saw the number and audibly groaned. I was number 205! (I found out later that there were actually 400 tickets given out, so not that bad). Not only this, but I accidentally bumped into Cassandra on the way back to my talk seat. Eek! (I don’t think she noticed). But the best bit of the talk was when she answered my question. I felt so lucky!

Me: “Why is there so much forbidden love in your books and will we see more in the next series?”

Cassandra: “Because it is the most interesting kind of love to base a plot on. And yes, there will be more in my new books.” (paraphrasing, of course)

So, after about an hour and a half, I was finally called up to get my books signed. Somewhere during meeting her, I don’t know how, she high-fived me. CASSANDRA CLARE HIGH-FIVED ME! I literally could not breathe.

Ooooohhh! YALC was so good. And of course I met the lovely Heather from Heather Reviews!

My Lady Midnight Expectations:

  • Forbidden love.
  • #MALEC
  • #Clace
  • Badass Izzy
  • Simon (please don’t die during Acension…(
  • Carstairs family feels
  • Faerie death (I hate the fae #MEGAEVIL)
  • Adventure and romance.
  • Thrills and plot twists galore

The Other Books In The Dark Artifices Series:

  • Book 2 – Prince of Shadows
  • Book 3 – Queen of Air and Darkness

That is it for this week’s Fresh Friday, you can expect a Lady Midnight review next March!

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2 thoughts on “‘Lady Midnight’ by Cassandra Clare (Fresh Friday #1)

  1. I went to this talk too, was amazing and my highlight of YALC! 🙂 I’m pretty sure my ticket for the book signing was like #380, but I made it in the end and managed to meet Cassandra and Sarah!

    Sooo excited for March 2016!


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