Review of ‘Dark Room’ by Tom Becker

dark room

I was kindly granted a copy of this book by Little Tiger Group publishing, through NetGalley. Thank you so much for letting me get my hands on this amazing read! Now, down to the business.

‘Dark Room’ by Tom Becker is a heart pounding horror with a wickedly good story line. The book is mainly centered around Darla O’Neill, a Southern girl who travels with her alcoholic, dodgy dealing father, Hopper. Darla’s mother, Sidney, committed suicide and since Darla hasn’t had a stable home. That is until Hopper decides to settle down in the picturesque  town is full of perfect people, who live in mansions up in the hills. Darla is lost until she meets Sasha and Frank, with which she sparks up a friendship. But all is not well in Saffron Hills, for a cold-blooded murderer is butchering rich and perfect teens. What’s worse is that Darla is having foreshadowing visions of the deaths before they happen!

There is a strong sense of family and friendship within the story, making it a brilliant and thrilling read. Tom Becker has masterfully and artfully crafted this story and uses beautiful language to portray it. Also, Becker really brings his characters to life, allowing the reader to see into their lives and how their brains work, even though it is centered around Darla. But he doesn’t let us see too much…

There is a strong sense of family and friendship within the story, again bringing the characters to life. Darla and Hopper’s relationship as father and daughter is obviously rickety, but at the same time you can see they love each other dearly. It is these intermingling layers that make this book so good! I also enjoyed the fact that Darla was far from perfect, because many protagonists in teenage books are these days. I thought that this really gave the story a sense of reality. Friendship also plays a big role in Darla’s life in Saffron Hills and Becker presents it so well. Sasha, while being outspoken and having an attitude problem, is by far my favourite character in this book. The only thing Becker left out in this book is a love interest, but it didn’t need one and I wasn’t expecting one. In my opinion it would’ve just taken away from the story.

Moving away from the contemporary side of things, let us not forget bout the horror aspects of the story. This book was a roller coaster to say the least. Not a particularly fast one, but a deliciously slow one. The twists in the book were spaced out and placed just right throughout. The murders and gore weren’t cheesy, but chilling. Becker has created a terrifyingly beautiful story with a killer ending!

5/5 stars are awarded to ‘Dark Room’ by Tom Becker!!

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